Spirit of the Spine
A project by Viv Méhes
Text edited by Jenny Lee

Spirit of the Spine

Stories of courage, inspiration and healing in the wake of the North East Victorian bush fires.

In this compelling new book, photographer Viv Mehés spent more than 3 years taking photographs and talking with local people about the 2009 firestorm and its legacy.

The backbone of this book is the first-hand experiences of people affected by these fires — the stories here are their stories.

They are stories from the soul — inspirational, heart-warming, direct and at times uncomfortably confronting reflections on the journey towards recovery and healing.

Available through Regional Information Centres, selected Bookshops and community outlets.

All proceeds from the sale of this book go towards CatholicCare's Natural Disaster Recovery Fund.

Purchase directly from CatholicCare's Community-led Renewal, Recovery and Resilience Service based at Kinglake or via their website www.ccam.org.au

Published by CatholicCare — Price $40

For further information phone Janet Cribbes on 9287 5555 or email Janet.Cribbes@ccam.org.au

The Project Partner is CatholicCare

The Cultural Partner is Multicultural Arts Victoria

This project is funded by CatholicCare, Regional Arts Victoria and Arts Victoria

Photographs by Viv Méhes
Stories gathered by Viv Méhes
Forward by Rob Gordon
Text edited by Jenny Lee



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Publisher: CatholicCare

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